A pressure washer is not a steam cleaner!

There is a very big difference between the two types of machines.

The steam cleaner operates at a low water volume typically 80 to 150 GPH (gallon per hour) and the pressure is created by super heating the water well past the 212 degree boiling point, after that the water becomes vapor inside the machine usually at a peak temperature of about 325 degrees. The pressure created by the expansion of the water is usually about 80 to 150 PSI (pounds per square inch).

When the vapor exits the machine it quickly cools into droplets of water making a hissing crashing sound. Like cold water hitting a hot frying pan, the super hot vapor hits the much cooler air outside and flashes into droplets of hot water.

Steam cleaners because of their low water volume and pressure are excellent for cleaning greasy engines but don’t work for big jobs.

Pressure washers use a higher pressure usually 1000 to 4000 PSI on most production models. Water volume is much higher usually 180 to 360 GPH.  Maximum water temperature exiting the machine is 210 degrees (just below the boiling point).

There are also cold water pressure washers that are good for prepping a building for paint or knocking off loose paint and debris.

High pressure hot water washers are best for removing oil, grease, chewing gum, mold, mildew, germs and odors.

Super Pressure Washer uses high pressure hot water and detergent to give you the best cleaning results on the big jobs like buildings, sidewalks, driveways, trash enclosures and heavy equipment.

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Water volume is more important than pressure!

Water volume is more important than pressure! But the amount of pressure is still very important. Together water volume and pressure create units of cleaning energy (UCE) calculated by multiplying the number of gallons per hour (GPH) x PSI (pounds per square inch) the sum equals = UCE.

The typical home improvement store pressure washer puts out about 264,000 to 720,000 UCE (remember this is cold water).

The pressure washers that we use at Super Pressure Washer put out about 1,155,000 UCE plus the water is discharging at nearly 200 degrees blended with top quality detergent. The cleaning result is remarkable!

Not all pressure washing services are the same, know what questions to ask.

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Detergent and heat work best together

Detergent and heat work best together. High pressure hot water alone does not clean as well as when it is mixed with detergent. Detergent strength is doubled for every 50 degrees of water temperature. A typical hot water pressure washer discharges 180-200 degrees. That means your detergent strength nearly quadruples.

At Super Pressure Washer we always use detergent and high pressure hot water for the cleanest, brightest results!

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Pressure washing services for commercial properties; shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores and most retail establishments; using powerful high pressure hot water and detergent to remove soil, stains, chewing gum, odors, oil, grease, mildew and more; sidewalks, trash enclosures, loading docks, awnings, walls and many other surfaces; we clean commercial properties on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly schedule.  Let us maintain your curb appeal!

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